The Zen of Linux

The rabbit hole is indeed deep.

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  1. Quirkification says:

    It is the journey down the rabbit hole that is the journey, for once you arrive at the end…I hole is just continued once again.

  2. sam says:

    Hi, in my search for adblock Linux script, I came upon your site and I like the content. I am from China and culturally aware of Buddhism and mediation, although I have yet to put my understanding into practice.

    For the adblock script, I wonder if it is possible to add country-specific url to your script to block ads? For example, how can I add this list to the script so that I can block ads in my language?

    I actually want to run this script on my router or if it is not working, I will install on my Raspberry Pi and perhaps redirect the traffic through it. But I don’t know how to do it, maybe I will need to learn your iptables and Privoxy tutorial.

    I also noticed in your Ubutun page that you used a Taoist symbol (the Yin-Yang graph) and I feel maybe I should mention that it is different from Buddhism. I assume (with no professional knowledge) that Buddhism is a vigorous pursuit of nirvana while Taoism believes the dark and bright forces are interdependent and the universe must maintain its balance.

    It is a pleasure to read your blog for both Linux and Buddhism.

  3. Henrique Maia says:


    I came here just to thank you for the work you have done on display-dhammapada. Thanks for reviving the project.

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