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Privoxy on Fedora 15

I am a fan of Privoxy and initially had some problems on Fedora 15 in that privoxy failed to start on boot. A work around is to enable both privoxy and network service at boot. su -c "systemctl enable privoxy.service" … Continue reading

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Speed up Privoxy

Just a quick tip on Privoxy and improving performance (speed). Privoxy is a popular proxy server that can both increase privacy and block unwanted advertisements and pop-ups (although I still use NoScript ). Many people complain that Privoxy is slow. … Continue reading

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How to transparent proxy

This post is in follow up to my post on dansguardian (web content filtering). In that post I demonstrated how to configure dansguardian, iptables, and firefox the “long way” so people would understand the “basic” principles of what we were … Continue reading

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Web content filtering made easy

This post is dedicated to the Children of Ubuntu As a parent you might wish to restrict your children(s) access to certain web sites (pr0n). In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to do this as easily as possible, without … Continue reading

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