Transfer firefox 4 passwords

Just a brief post on transferring Firefox 4 passwords from one installation to another.

There are several online resources to sync bookmarks and passwords and while you may be "OK" using these services for bookmarks, you may not wish to use these services for passwords.

Of course you could simply copy all the files in your profile, but which files store your password information ?

Your profile is in ~/.mozila/firefox/profile_name

Your passwords are in two files, key3.db and signons.sqlite

Simply copy these two files to transfer your passwords. Of course, you may wish to encrypt these files ;)

Bookmarks can be exported/imported from the bookmark toolbar (as a html file).

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5 Responses to Transfer firefox 4 passwords

  1. Alex says:

    Firefox Sync encrypts everything locally before uploading it. For that reason, I trust it with my passwords. You can also set up a Firefox Sync server (Mozilla calls it “Weave Server”) on your own machine, although I haven’t tried that.

    Still, it’s good to know where this stuff is stored.

  2. Martin says:

    As an alternative one could use Firefox4’s Sync. Items (password,bookmarks) are encrypted before transfer.

  3. bodhi.zazen says:

    I agree with you both, Firefox 4 ‘s Sync is a reasonable option, my post is more for the paranoid among us who do not wish to use an external server.

  4. peppe84 says:

    I’m paranoid :-)
    And also I don’t have ever an internet connection.
    So, I use and prefer your method ;-)

  5. bodhi.zazen says:

    @peppe84 : Exactly !!!

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