KDE Dual Monitors

I started using various music distros (KXStudio and Fedora Jam). One of the annoyances is that KDE does not remember the settings for dual monitors. Thus every time after logging in the screens need to be fixed. This seems to be a longstanding bug.

Turns out there is a simple fix, disable “KScreen 2”

Go to System Settings -> Startup and Shutdown -> Service Manager (on the left) -> disable KScreen 2

Screen Shot

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3 Responses to KDE Dual Monitors

  1. Sandro Mathys says:

    Hm, funny, I just recently noticed that the external monitor on my laptop is now managed managed better than ever before – by KScreen2. But that might be specific to how I use it (primary monitor = single monitor, i.e. if I plug the external one in, make it primary and disable the built-in).

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  3. bodhi.zazen says:

    @Sandro – Glad to hear your hardware is working well.

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