How to determine if an application is using Wayland or Xwayland

With the release of Fedora 23 I noticed there is the option to run “gnome-wayland” so I took it for a test drive.

Although I am not normally a fan of gnome-shell I have to admit it looks and runs great.

Videocard – VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G86 [Quadro NVS 290] , dual montiors


The question came up, how to easily determine if an application is using wayland or Xwayland.

Turns out is is easily determined by LG or Looking Glass

Looking Glass is GNOME Shell’s integrated debugger and inspector tool. It aims to be the Firebug of GNOME Shell.

To use looking glass, Hit Alt-F2 , type lg, and hit the enter key

You will see an option to show the windows in the upper right corner.

Double click on any window to bring up additional information

Gnome applications are using wayland


Other applications, firefox in this example, are using Xwayland


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  3. Ryan says:

    This was helpful, I’ve wanted to start using Wayland and gnome 3 and recently started using it today and wasn’t sure about it’s status until this article, thanks!

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