Fedora Audacious Skin

I have recently been playing with audacious skins and came up with a skin for Fedora. It is based on an old skin, BlubuntuBlue.

Fedora skin 1

Fedora skin 2

Ubuntu skin

To use these skins, save the following zip files to ~/.local/share/audacious/Skins/ .

You do NOT need to unzip the files =)

bodhi.zazen’s Fedora skin

Original BlubuntuBlue skin

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3 Responses to Fedora Audacious Skin

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  2. Leslie Satenstein says:

    Skins are interesting. Before I consider installing them, do they improve performance or ease user abilities with Fedora? Or is it just artwork to enjoy?

  3. bodhi.zazen says:

    @Leslie Satenstein – I’ve not seen skins improve performance, features yes (not all skins have the same buttons / equalizer setting). For the most part I consider them eye candy.

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