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Sound on Intel 811b

With recent kernels the sound on my netbook skips. Sound card: Intel Corporation System Controller Hub (SCH Poulsbo) HD Audio Controller [8086:811b] (rev 07) After many attempts and much google searching, the solution has been to edit /etc/pulse/ and add … Continue reading

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command line spell checking

I often edit files with command line tools such as vim and personally find spell checking invaluable. Two high yield tips I have found: VIM spell checking vim has built-in spell checking functionality. I add this to ~/.vimrc These options … Continue reading

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Fun with KDE

Children are so much fun. With the release of Ubuntu 12.04 and Fedora we took a look at Desktop Environments. This time KDE won out hands down, although XFCE was a close second After they spent most of the weekend … Continue reading

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Kwrite spell check

As of Fedora 17 I am using KDE and so am somewhat new to some of the default applications. The default text editor seems to be kwrite and although there is an option for spell checking , there was no … Continue reading

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How to install ddate

ddate is a ‘fun’ program to display the date in Discordian calendar. ddate prints the date in Discordian date format. Example: Today is Setting Orange, the 14th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3178 Unfortunately, ddate was disabled / removed … Continue reading

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Proxmox using iptables in openvz guests

I recently upgraded Proxmox and noticed iptables was not working in the guests. Turns out a small edit is required to /etc/vz/vz.conf (we need to add some more modules to be used in the openvz guests). Using any editor, open … Continue reading

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Fedora 17 GMA500 (Poulsbo)

Good news for those of us with the GMA500 (Poulsbo) graphics card ! Fedora 17 ships with the 3.3.4 kernel and my GMA500 works out of the box without the need for any customizations to the boot options. Simply put … Continue reading

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Desktop Environments RAM use

As a result of a recent discussion on IRC, I decided to take a number of DE (Desktop Environments) for a test drive and see how much ram they used. Test machine – Netbook with 2 Gb RAM Method – … Continue reading

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Confessions of a “practical” FSF fanboi Without getting into all the politics, we all use GNU/Linux and many of us appreciate the four freedoms advocated by the Free Software Foundation. The freedom to run the program, for any purpose (freedom … Continue reading

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Fedora Audacious Skin

I have recently been playing with audacious skins and came up with a skin for Fedora. It is based on an old skin, BlubuntuBlue. To use these skins, save the following zip files to ~/.local/share/audacious/Skins/ . You do NOT need … Continue reading

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